Ethical Code

We – Sustainability:

GBR Eco Projects Pvt Ltd uses sustainability as the umbrella term to describe responsible business operations which include economic, environmental and social responsibility. We are committed to manage and develop our business in a sustainable manner and recognize that balancing these three aspects on a sustainable basis is a necessity to create long-term value for all our stakeholders.

Our Social Policy, Occupational and Health and Safety Policy and environmental principles together with our code of ethics form the basis for the sustainability work within GBR Eco Projects Pvt Ltd.

GBRs’ Environmental Policy:

Through constant improvements we strive to minimise and prevent negative impact on our environment from transports, manufacturing and packaging to dealing with goods and other activities which are associated with GBRs’ line of business.

We comply with national legislation requirements which set the minimum standard for GBRs’ environmental performance and behaviour. We strive to, when possible, outperform the legislation. Our business should support a proactive and precautionary approach to environmental challenges.

Our standpoint is that our policy concerns the entire product lifecycle, including manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Code of Ethics:

GBR Eco Projects Pvt Ltd is committed to manage and develop business in a sustainable manner. Balancing our economic, environmental and social responsibilities is a code necessary for sustainable business and it beneficiates our stakeholders.

At GBR Eco Projects Pvt Ltd we have a one-company approach, meaning that we operate according to our values, policies and principles everywhere. The GBRs’ code of ethics compiles all of our major policies, and includes principles for social responsibility and competition law compliance. The business practice, principles and guidelines support enforcement of fair and ethical behaviour in our day-to-day business.

Together with company values, the GBRs’ code of ethics sets the standard of behaviour and conduct required from management and employees to ensure that the company’s affairs are managed in the highest ethical manner.